where do we go from here?

Why I want to travel?

Simply because I want to see beautiful places, discover cultures, bring memories and learn something.


I become a better man when I got home from the mountains.




I T’s

Sagada IT (Suggested only not yet use)

Day 0              May 22, 2014 Thursday

2300                ETD Cubao to Baguio

0500                ETA to Baguio

0500 – 0530    Eat breakfast buy some stuffs

0530                ETD Baguio to Sagada

1230                ETA to Sagada

1230 – 1300    Arrange hotels take lunch rest


Day 1  May 23, 2014              Friday

1300                libot sa hotel/ ask informations who will guide around sagada



2000                lights off


Day 2 May 24, 2014   Saturday

0400                watch sunrise

Gala libot


Day 3 May 25, 2014   Sunday

0700                ETD Sagada to Baguio

1400                ETA to Baguio

1400 -1500      buy stuff/pasalubong

1600                ETD Baguio to Cubao

2200                ETA Cubao



Things to bring

Pogi kits

Personal meds

Trail/pack foods





Cotton gloves

Camera/with charger

Plastic food container

Flashlight /head light

Trash bags

Rosary and prayer book


Particulars                                       qty           unit                 price                          

Spam                                                  3                pcs                  99.00

pure foods corn beef smal   3                  pcs                  65.00

Tuna paella                                   6                   pcs                  32.00

Salted eggs                                   6                   pcs                  12.00

Nissin biscuits                            1                   pack                40.00

Gelatine                                          2                  pack                29.00

Chocolates                                     3                pcs                  54.00

Raisins                                             2                  pack                40.00

Milo/coffee                                   12               pcs                  6.00

Gatorade 500 ml                        2                 pcs                  32.00

H20 500 ml                                         2               pcs             12.00

Almond nuts                                       2             packs              100



Mt Pinatubo adventure   April 8, 2014

Atd mayapa bus stop 0345
Bus stop 0440
Arival 5Star 0540
Departure to sn fernando panp.0540
Arival and departure north park panp 0700

Arival departure capas 0742
Departure jumpoff sta juliana capas 0835
.950start treck
1100 summit.
1225 dwn
1328 4×4 area
1437 jumpoff
1700 nlex


Puerto Galera may 16 17 2014

etd to bats 540
Arival bats port 712
Departure to batangas port 823

Departure to resort. 633am
Arival puerto galera 648am
Departure bound to bats port 655
Arival bats port 753am
Departure bats port bound to buendia 815am
Expess entrance 852
Mayapa 958
Arival mla 1122



Suggested Itinerary Torejos Marinduque May 1 to 4, 2014 (sorry i haven’t  have a chance to come)

Day 0                April 30, 2014 Wednesday

2000                 Assembly at Checkpoint Calamba bound to Lucena

2330                 ETA Dalahican port Lucena City

2330-2400         Arrange tickets prepare for the trip

2400                 ETD Rebecca/MV Montenegro (RoRo)

0300                 ETA to Balanacan port Marinduque

0400-0430         Arrange house/hotels to Torrijos Mduque


Day 1                May 1, 2014 Thursday

0430                 buy foods at public market/ rest/sleep/breakfast

Optional activities




Day 2                May 2, 2014 Friday


0400                 wakeup buy sea foods for breakfast and lunch


Optional activities


Day 3                May 3, 2014 Saturday


Optional activities


Day 4                May 4, 2014 Sunday

Optional activities

1200                 buy pasalubong/souvenir prepare for the trip to Lucena


Schedule vessel to Mduque to Lucena will be coordinated a soon as we arrive in Mduque port


Things to bring

  • Extra Clothes
  • Swimming Clothes
  • Towel
  • Tissue
  • Kikay Kit/Pogi Pack (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • Personal Medication
  • Umbrella
  • Sunblock
  • Camera
  • Snacks for sharing
  • Budget PHP 2000 per head



Passenger’s fare: (fare reference as of February 24, 2013 fees subject to change)

Regular Cawit (Boac) port          PHP  340.00 + PHP 30.00 (terminal fee) + other fees not included

Regular Balanacan (Mogpog) port PHP 260 + PHP 30.00 (terminal fee) + other fees not included


Vehicle fees:

PHP 2500 for ordinary cars + terminal fee PHP 150.00 + parking fee + other fees not included

My Bucket list

Climb to Mt. Banahaw   Done Many times

Climb to Mt. Cristobal (Devils Mountain)    Done once

Climb to Mt. Maculot   Done Many times

Climb to Mt. Manabu   Done

Climb to Mt. Makling   done. my 1st climb

Climb to Gulugod Baboy   Done 2 times

Climb to Mt. Batulao   Done several times

Climb to Mt. Pinatubo  Done  april 8, 2014

Climb to Mt. Arayat   Done Dec 29, 2012

Climb to Mt. Pulag   Done 2006

Climb to Mt  Apo

Climb to Mt. Halcon

Climb to Mt. Ugu

Climb to Pico de Loro

Walk and swim in Boracay Island   Done March 25-27, 2013

Go to Puerto Galera   Done 3 times

Visit Iloilo   Done March 24, 2013

Visit Guimaras Island   Done March 24, 2013

Visit Palawan Island

Visit to Batanes Island and buy to honesty store

Visit Sagada Mountain Province

Acquire Glock Pistol Cal 40   Done/Acquired 2013

Acquire 0.45 pistol   Done/Acquired 2010

Acquire a M16 (MP4 A1 rifle)

Acquire a magnum 357 revolver

Acquire P14 ACP   Done/acquired

Acquire sub machine gun (MP4)­

Climb Mt. Kinabalu (Malaysia)

Climb Pico de Loro

Visit Cebu in sinulog festival

Visit Marinduque   Done 2 times

Visit Bicol Provinces   Done

Visit Japan

Visit the House of Don Bosco’s house in Italy

Visit Paris Frances (our Lady of Fatima)

Visit New Zealand

Visit Niagara Falls in Canada

Have a chance to teach in public school in the Philippines    Done May 15, 2013 to June 2014

Conduct special classes in the far-flung mountain in the Philippines

Go to Banff National Park Canada

Visit Singapore

Eat Singapore local delicacies

Visit Cambodia Eat local delicacies

Do island hopping   done several times

Swim with the whale in Donsol Sorsogon


still under construction testing… testing… not yet final…

I enjoy going to rural places, where i can see the beauty of nature, walk in the town with the local people, discover their cultures, try the way they live, eat their local delicacies and of course learn from them. i usually travel with companions, with my former College classmates with co-teachers.

I usually travel with companions, with my former College classmates with co-teachers. I want to try to travel alone but I never try it at all, hoping to have the courage, time and budget to do it. I have plan to do it for the first time but I failed to do so, I work on making my itinerary, scout on the hotels on where to stay, plan my food, I even research on the tiange (market day) day of the Town.

Every time I go to a trip, hiking, travel, out of town, etc. I am always excited to bring something to my family the things, food that is local in the area and they never taste and seen it before.

Many people ask me what do you get in hiking, traveling it’s just a waste of time and money. It is the common question that every hikers travelers receive. We have many answers to this questions but the common denominator is, we appreciate the beauty of nature which is God’s gift to us that needs to preserve for our future generations.

These are the places that we find true peace of find, true people with genuine intentions, simple people with good spirit.

and most of all it always reminds me that it is not easy to get in to the summit  not easy to succeed . It always begins with a single step, need to work for it, need to earn for it, need to be strong and never give up. (because there is a summit behind all those trails)



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